What is Pure Stellar?

Pure Stellar launched in 2021 as a cryptocurrency business, but with an ethos and vision to raise funds for charities.

Cryptocurrency is frequently associated with scams, hacks or inaccessible technical knowledge.

Pure Stellar is looking to change that image, and has already formed a community who also believe in the power and potential of blockchain technology.

Pure Stellar’s aim is to make investing in cryptocurrency accessible, engaging and altruistic.

Accessible through creative and simplified user interfaces (UI) that appeal to native and non-native cryptocurrency users …

Engaging through the gamification of the project with MyPS, the project’s app under development …

Altruistic through percentages of project profits which are automatically directed towards our charity wallet …

Why the Stellar (XLM) Blockchain?

Stellar (XLM) is one of the world’s largest and oldest blockchains, and boasts a fully open-source network.

Total transparency. Full accountability.

There is no better platform for us to blend our passions for cryptocurrency and charitable fundraising.

That’s why we’ve called ourselves “Pure Stellar”. We want to bring out the best in XLM.

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Project Documents

Pure Stellar Roadmap

Pure Stellar Whitepaper

Frequently Asked Questions


What is cryptocurrency, and what is a blockchain?

Cryptocurrency is a broad term which generally refers to assets or tokens native to a particular blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralised, digital ledger, which can help improve transparency and accountability, and can also reduce costs and counterparty risks.

Which blockchain and cryptocurrency does Pure Stellar use?

Pure Stellar is built on the Stellar blockchain, and requires XLM (Stellar’s native asset) to swap for Pure Stellar assets. XLM can be purchased either on centralised exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase, and then transferred into your own personal, non-custodial XLM wallet. Alternatively, some Stellar wallets like Lobstr allow you to buy XLM directly.

Is Pure Stellar a charity or a business?

Pure Stellar is a business which has made a commitment to use a percentage of its profits to give to charitable causes. Additionally, profit structures and in-app mechanics are designed to direct funds towards Pure Stellar’s charity wallet.

Getting Involved

How do I purchase Pure Stellar assets on Stellar?

Pure Stellar’s app “MyPS” is currently in development, and this will eventually be the best place to purchase Pure Stellar assets with XLM. Until then, you can fund your Stellar wallet (such as Lobstr, Scopuly or StellarX) with native XLM, and then search the SDEX (Stellar’s Decentralised Exchange) for Pure Stellar assets. Links and issuer addresses for all Pure Stellar assets can be found on our website here.

How do I qualify for Pure Stellar airdrops?

To make the blend of cryptocurrency and charity more engaging and appealing, Pure Stellar has established its “Version 1” of an Awards Ecosystem. The Awards Ecocsytem rewards holders of specific Pure Stellar assets with an airdrop of $PSMEDAL twice a week, depending on various airdrop criteria. Eventually, MyPS will upgrade the Awards Ecosystem into its final form, as an intuitive, visually appealing and engaging app. In effect, MyPS will a fully gamified and interactive Awards Ecosystem. Information of Version 1 of Pure Stellar’s Awards Ecosytem can be found on our website here.


What is MyPS?

MyPS is Pure Stellar’s app which is currently under development. It will be the culmination of years of work and development, and will transform Pure Stellar from a “text and data” cryptocurrency project into a “graphical and gamified” cryptocurrency app. By using clean and engaging UI to increase user reach and project engagement, the app’s goal is to create a powerful virtuous loop that exponentially advances charitable fundraising and project development.

When will MyPS go live?

Pure Stellar is currently investing funds across multiple blockchains using capital generated from token sales in 2021. The cryptocurrency bear market in 2022 and recovery in 2023 has been a long journey, but it has given us the chance to further develop ideas for MyPS. We expect back-end and front-end coding for MyPS to commence between Q4 2024 and Q2 2025.