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Welcome to Pure Stellar

Cryptocurrency. Community. Charity.

Three words that don’t usually go hand in hand, but that’s everything we’re about at Pure Stellar.

With a wealth of experience in pastoral care, community engagement and cutting-edge big business, Pure Stellar is bringing together cryptocurrency tech, a community of people, and charitable fundraising rooted in altruism.

Pure Stellar is committed to honesty, integrity and community. That’s why we’ve chosen to build on the Stellar Blockchain.

All the information you need to know can be found in the sections listed below.

Getting Started


What is Pure Stellar, and who is leading it? What is cryptocurrency and the blockchain? Is Pure Stellar is business or a charity? Why choose Stellar (XLM)? What’s the Project Whitepaper and Roadmap?


Ready to jump in? You’ll need an XLM-native Stellar wallet (such as Lobstr, Scopuly or StellarX), which will need to be funded with XLM in order to purchase and hold Pure Stellar assets and qualify for airdrops.


Have any further questions that you can’t find answers for on our website? No problem – Pure Stellar is primarily active on Telegram, but if you prefer you can also send us an email right here on the website.