Operational Transparency

We want to be open and honest about our business strategy, fund management and liquidity pools, in order to bring confidence to our community and to every investor in the Pure Stellar project.

After all, that’s why we chose to build on the Stellar Blockchain.

Wallet Management

For every asset that Pure Stellar release, there are two new accounts created – one new issuing account and one new distributing account. The distributing account establishes the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale, and will transfer all its funds back to Pure Stellar’s master address.

Pure Stellar’s master address can be found by searching for the federation address “pure.stellar*lobstr.co”, or alternatively you can click the button below to view it on Stellar Expert.

All funds in our Pure Stellar wallet are segregated into three distinct pools, each with a unique purpose. These particular percentages may fluctuate at any given moment due to operational requirement:

  • 30% of total liquidity will be locked into yXLM (gaining daily non-compound interest) or dividend-generating partner assets (for example, $USWNG)
  • 10% of total liquidity will be supporting buy orders for all our “natural market” assets
  • 60% of total liquidity will remain as on-hand, unreserved XLM

Once the final ICO floors and airdrop tokens have been sold/transferred from a distributing account, all remaining tokens within that account are those which have been set aside for the Pure Stellar team. As such, they will be returned to the Pure Stellar wallet, and that particular distributing account will lay dormant indefinitely.


One monthly withdrawal will be made by the Pure Stellar team for no more than 5% of on-hand XLM (currently set at 60% of total liquidity), which will be transferred directly into an exchange.

This small figure will enable us to cover project overheads.  Most importantly, the liquidity pool shall remain intact with this approach, as this remuneration will always draw from on-hand XLM. This safeguards all asset liquidity and the yXLM/dividend storehouses, so that neither are ever unfavourably impacted.