Awards Ecosystem

Pure Stellar’s Awards Ecosystem is designed to tangibly thank and reward those within our Pure Stellar community who have supported us and continue to support us.

The Awards Ecosystem establishes a wonderful two-way relationship between us as developers and you as our community. It rewards investment, stabilises markets and incentivises holding. It truly is ground-breaking in its implementation and outworking.


At the heart of our Awards Ecosystem is $PSMEDAL, a Pure Stellar token airdropped every Thursday into wallets. To qualify for $PSMEDAL airdrops, you must hold an open trustline with $PSMEDAL and also fulfil one of the many possible criteria (set out below).

These criteria are fair and remain consistent each week. This means that one investment will continue to provide ongoing benefits to those who hold their position long into the future. All future ICOs and Project Tokens will also be looped into the Awards Ecosystem, which will add even more possible $PSMEDAL airdrop criteria for our community to qualify for, should they wish to.

In partnership with Stellar Rewards, weekly airdrops of $PSMEDAL are distributed via an innovative multi-send process to all wallets who fulfil the Awards Ecosystem criteria (set out below). The Awards Ecosystem operates entirely on the Stellar Blockchain, so personal security is maintained and benefits are immediate.

$PSMEDAL Trading Pairs

Exclusive, limited edition assets will be connected with $PSMEDAL in a trading pair relationship. Pure Stellar will not make $PSMEDAL or any exclusive, limited edition assets available on the XLM market. However, XLM markets have emerged as the community and investors have chosen to trade their assets against the base blockchain currency.

At present, we have one limited edition asset called $MIRACLES, locked at 144,000 supply and available at a 5:1 ratio trade with $PSMEDAL.

For example, this means you can swap:

  • 1 $PSMEDAL for 0.2 $MIRACLES
  • 3 $PSMEDAL for 0.6 $MIRACLES
  • 5 $PSMEDAL for 1 $MIRACLES
  • 17 $PSMEDAL for 3.4 $MIRACLES

More exclusive, limited edition Pure Stellar assets will be released as the Awards Ecosystem expands and matures. Full Awards Ecosystem criteria can be found in the image below

Awards Ecosystem Criteria

These Awards Ecosystem criteria will be added to and enhanced over the coming weeks and months. Current criteria will not be removed, which provides confidence, clarity and stability to our community and investors.

All information on Pure Stellar assets, and how to purchase them, can be found on our Tokens webpage